GMV hydraulic systems

    GMV has always been in the forefront of the product range for hydraulic elevators. These elevators are highly efficient and functional, but they are often criticized by those who install electric systems for being “power guzzlers” and “polluters”.

    We worked on this so that our Dry product line has reduced considerably these problems allowing a comparison between hydraulic and electric lifts, even if the hydraulic ones are more efficient and functional, at least up to 5 stops.

    The new power unit GL Dry,  equipped with an external motor up to 7,5 kW,  reduces the installed power, the energy consumption and the fly time up to 30 %, and the fluid quantity of 30 %.

    The new ETC system, the Ecological Fluid, the Electronic valve NGV, suitable for high traffic, further reducing the installed power, the leveling time and increasing the travel comfort, are all part of the new Fluitronic line.

    The hydraulic elevator currently is the best-selling elevator in North America.

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