Ecological Fluid

In compliance with the recent environmental protection regulations, it is recommended to replace the mineral or synthetic oil by the biodegradable Ecological Fluid.

The GMV Ecological Fluid is a hydraulic synthetic-based fluid designed to assure optimal performances against wear, tear and material fatigue on oleodynamic lifting systems such as elevators, goods elevators and home lifts. The fluid has half the elasticity coefficient of traditional mineral oil, resulting in a less elastic elevator.

The synthetic base provides an improved stability and a higher viscosity index: the GMV Ecological Fluid is suitable for systems particularly exposed to fire risks and soil pollution. Environmental pollution risks will be reduced, as required by the standard EN 81-20.

In technical terms, the fluid has a biodegradability index of  >70%.

In case of accidental spilling, the owner of the system is protected from any penal consequences.

Aspect and Color (ASTM D1500 – 12) AMBER
Density at 15 °C (ASTM D 4052) kg/dm3 0,921
Viscosity at 100 °C (ASTM D 445) cSt (mm2/s) 9,5
Viscosity at 40 °C (ASTM D 445) cSt (mm2/s) 48
Viscosity index (ASTM 2270) 186
Flammability V.A. °C (ASTM D 92) °C 305
Pour Point C° (ASTM D 97) °C -36
Acidity °C (ASTM D 664) mg KoH/g 2,2
FZG Stage reached (ISO 14635 – 1) >12
Biodegradability (OECD 301 B) >70%
Discharge of air (D3427 – 15) min. <1

The given information suits most normal applications.

The high viscosity index and the low pour point allow operating efficiency in a broad temperature range between -40° C +70° C.