The History

    GMV is an Italian multinational leader in the lift industry, with a company’s history of more than 50 years. More than 800,000 lift systems all over the world (spread over 5 continents) use made-in-Italy GMV technology, supported by thousands of lift installers who take care of both installation and maintenance operations.

    All over the world, more than a 100 million elevator travels daily involve drives with GMV technology. We are certain that most of the hydraulic lifts, anywhere in the world, feature GMV technology. 30 % of the hydraulic lifts in the world and 50 % of the hydraulic lifts in Europe are equipped with components manufactured by GMV.

    Today, GMV operates with own local plants or authorized distribution companies in 20 countries worldwide, and with production facilities in 3 continents, covering an area of more than 20.000 square meters.

    For more than half a century, designers and architects from all over the world, perhaps even without being aware of it, have been using GMV components for their elevator projects.

    Over 50,000 OTIS lifts and 25,000 SCHINDLER lifts running worldwide are equipped with GMV hydraulic components.

    Key dates



    GMV is founded in Milan by Angelo Martini, the current President.


    In the early 60s, the first prototype of a central acting direct drive piston is developed. The production starts with 100 hydraulic systems per year.


    Due to an exponential increase in sales, GMV moves to a modern facility in Pero (Milan). Within a few years the production increases from 600 to 5,000 hydraulic systems per year.


    This is a particularly important date for GMV. Thanks to the invention of the 2:1 lift system, a whole new market sector opens up: the sector of passenger lifts. GMV is the first company to introduce, first in the Italian market and then in Europe and in the world, hydraulic lifts as a technically and economically successful alternative to the prevailing use of electric lifts. Hydraulic lifts now account for about 20 % of the market in Europe and 75 % in North America.


    The market requires the production of telescopic pistons, which are developed and produced in the technical department of the plant in Pero.


    New production plants are installed in Germany, France, Greece, India, Canada, and Argentina.


    The company continues to grow and establishes a new production plant in Novara. The diffusion of GMV products increases worldwide


    A new production facility is opened in Sweden, where the manufacturing of telescopic pistons is concentrated.


    The company introduces the SL line (Slim) of pistons and power units, which ensures new and improved performance and a significant reduction of oil, required by the hydraulic system.


    With the new line of Green Lift Co-ordinated Components, GMV provides the opportunity for elevator companies to install their lifts without a hydraulic machine room.


    GMV captures the attention of the market with its Green Lift MRL-MC line without machine room and with the machinery placed in the cabinet outside the shaft.


    GMV designs an innovative electronic valve for hydraulic lifts, which provides high travel comfort, top performance, reduced power consumption and less installed power, at low costs.

    GMV, responsive to market needs, creates the new Fluitronic Green Lift line, featuring a digital electronic valve for excellent operational performance, DRY power units (with non-submersed motors) to reduce power consumption, and ecological fluids with improved technical properties and environmental compatibility compared to traditional mineral oil. GMV develops new products to complete the Fluitronic Green Lift line: elevators without a machine room (GLF, MRL-T) and a reduced shaft pit and/or headroom. Simultaneously, GMV develops the Gearless Belt technology and launches the new Gearless Belt Green Lifts on the lift market, with an asynchronous motor without permanent magnets, ideal for travelling heights of more than 6 stops.


    Moreover, the range of totally GMV equipped lift systems is enhanced with GPL goods passenger lifts, VL vehicle lifts and Home lifts also in the MRL version.

    GMV launches the hydraulic power unit NGV EK (Easy Kit) onto the market, designed to refurbish existing lifts in a short time, increasing comfort and energy efficiency without any intervention on the control panel.

    GMV introduces the DRY NRGS power unit (Energy Saving) on the market, which reduces the installed power of 4 ÷ 9 kW at equal performance.


    GMV designs Green Lift Traction with permanent magnets and new versions of Green Lift Fluitronic and Home Lift, with machinery cabinets extremely small in size.

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