10 years warranty

GMV is the only company in the elevator market to offer its 10-year warranty extension, called GMV 10, on its elevators.
We can offer such a comprehensive warranty as we design, produce and test all the main components of the elevators to ensure they have a long life and require minimal maintenance.
The high quality level of processes and production methods used in our factories, both in Europe and around the world, enable us to be assured of the quality of our products.
GMV 10 arises from the finding that the world market trend goes towards better protection for a ten-year period for those who buy a building or an apartment.
This protection was not up to now in the elevators sector: GMV makes it possible with the introduction of a 10-year warranty extension.
GMV 10 is an extraordinary tool for competitiveness and customer loyalty for elevator companies – a unique and successful solution that can help in elevator sales and in the signing of maintenance contracts.

The elevator company can clearly show immediately to its customer, when submitting its offer, together with the cost of the installed lift, the cost of the full maintenance, presented as “Warranty for 10 years”
More warranty means more quality, this way the elevator company will prove the superiority of its product in the time
Therefore the elevator company which use the GMV 10 beat its competitors, since they will not offer this kind of proposal: the big companies will not show a fixed and all-inclusive cost (elevator installation and maintenance including the 10-year warranty) and the small elevator companies (which assemble the elevator purchasing the components from different suppliers ) will not be able to do it.
Hence, the elevator company can approach its customer presenting a tested strategy like a Multinational Company.

The elevator company will be able to offer a full- inclusive maintenance contract, including the warranty and consequently the spare parts.
The elevator company can be sure for the future to have at its disposal all spare parts of the elevator and the necessary after-sale assistance service: the GMV strength always at its side, in a winning combination.
With GMV-10 it will have the sole agency for the spare parts of the purchased elevator. This way it will be sure to be able to keep the lift maintenance in the time, becoming the exclusive supplier of the spare parts.
The elevator company can beat its competitors, who by choosing to assemble their elevators, cannot use the GMV-10 warranty and be as competitive as they are.
Therefore, to use GMV-10 warranty extension by increasing its sales chances permits to the elevator company to have a real profit:
– Because it get more competitiveness in its local market
– Because it increase its elevator maintenance portfolio and can preserve it in time
– Because it increment the property value of its company

The 10-year warranty extension, GMV 10, is renewable for another 15 years that is for the entire life cycle of the elevator.

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