GMV invests in the development of its future, as well as in that of its customers. We strive to create a strong synergy between our work and that of our customers’. Our core business involves the production and sale of elevators to facilitate the activities of our elevator companies customers: from the sale of systems to their installations and maintenance. That’s why we believe that we share a common interest in a system that can be defined as complementary.

GMV offers its customers the best products and all of the know-how acquired in almost sixty years of activity, and which keep 800,000 elevators operational worldwide.

Innovation, safety and ecology have always been at the basis of GMV’s activities.

GMV has always contributed in sensitizing elevator companies on the safety and ecology issues.

We can support the activity of our customers thanks to a reliable after-sales service, but also to innovative products and services, such as a warranty extension of up to 25 years on most of our systems: an important tool in support of elevator companies with regards to the sale of systems and stipulation of maintenance contracts.

We are able to offer such an extended warranty because we design, manufacture and test all of the system’s main components in order to ensure long service life and minimal maintenance interventions. GMV is focused on constantly supporting its customers through a series of technical, economic and financial services that can be developed together.

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