Wall Climb

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Wall climb


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Here comes the new and innovative panorama-type home lift, for inside or outside mural installation, without car frame, suitable for new or existing buildings.

It is an aesthetically very pleasing solution, simple to install and at an interesting price.

The original design of the Wall Climb lift allows matching aesthetic exterior aspects of a building with the surrounding area, without fixing any external car framework on the walls and without modifying the original project, which would change the construction design.

The car is equipped with glass walls to offer enjoyable scenic trips.

With the Wall Climb, it is possible to create an edifice without constructing a masonry shaft for the elevator. The anchoring is applied on floor level.

There are no further masses weighing on the walls. This allows saving even on the construction costs.

But that is not all; the GMV Wall Climb is also handy to install: it can be done in little time and even before terminating the edifice construction itself.

The Wall Climb is fixed on external walls, with an additional cost only for creating entrances and for constructing a minimal pit. In particular, it is an investment in terms of increasing value for both the building and the apartments.

The main advantages are:

  • Architectural matching with the building
  • Low visual impact
  • No car framework and no masonry shaft
  • Simple installation: it is fixed on the walls of the building
  • Suitable for both existing and new buildings
  • Energy consumption is equal to common household appliances with a 230 V power supply.
  • Offers a more convenient use of space inside the building
  • Eco-compatible thanks to the use of biodegradable ecological fluid (optional)
  • Reduced noise level transmitted to the building
  • Increased travel comfort

Wall Climb: the new stylish Panorama Home Lift.

Wall Climb
Description Panorama-type home lift, for inside/outside mural installation, without car frame, for both new or existing buildings, with hydraulic traction and drive 1:1
Drive Hydraulic
Without machine room Yes
Rated load (kg) 400
Capacity (passengers) 3 – 5
Speed (m/s) 0,15 m/s*
Max. number of stops 3
Max. travelling height (m) 3 m – 9 m (for additional travelling height please contact GMV)
Min. head (mm) 3300
Min. pit (mm) 350
Engine power (kW) 2,9
Lift car size (mm) 1200 x 1400
Cabinet E400 (optional) size (mm) 615 x 315 x 1450 (width x depth x height)
Standards reference In compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and with the European safety standard EN 81-41

* Speed up to 0,3 m/s, without certificate and outside the scope of the Machinery Directive and the standard EN 81.41