Traction Lifts

GMV has always been the world leader in the production of hydraulic components for lifts. Since the early 2000s we are also manufacturer of complete hydraulic lifts and we have for over ten years completed our range by designing and manufacturing innovative traction lifts.

Today GMV can meet any vertical transport need.


The new line of GLT Omega Extra Slim traction lifts goes alongside the existing GLT Omega Slim line.

This new GLT Omega Extra Slim line is characterized by counterweight alongside the cabin guide and not behind it, decentralized counterweight pulley placed on symmetry axis of the cabin ones (GMV patent). It is therefore possible to increase cabin size and load with the same shaft dimensions or to reduce shaft dimensions while maintaining the same cabin size and load. Mechanical part on counterweight side is reduced to 195 mm.

This solution is particularly suitable for renovations. GLT Omega Extra Slim line is also characterized by a small counterweight with totally steel slabs, unlike GLT Omega Slim line equipped with steel, steel + concrete or concrete slabs.

The GLT line is MRL and all the electrical equipment is placed outside the shaft, inside a special cabinet above the landing door (GMV patent pending) easily reachable to perform maintenance, repair and emergency operations in complete safety.

The main advantages of Green Lift® Traction lift are:

  • Space saving and no design restrictions
    • Cabin and carframe with variable dimensions, which tailor-made fits to all existing and new shafts
    • No machine room
    • 2 – 3 panels telescopic or 4 panels central opening automatic doors
    • Availability of reduced pit and/or headroom version
    • Availability of adjacent accesses version (with rucksack car frame)
  • Ropes not subject to twisting. The GMV ring car frames have another peculiar feature: the ropes do not rotate 90° when they go from counterweight pulley to motor pulley, since counterweight pulley, the car frame pulleys and the motor pulley are perfectly aligned. This configuration is possible thanks to the use of 120 mm diameter pulleys and polyurethane-coated ropes. The configuration described is GMV patent
  • Energy efficiency. It has reduced consumption compared to traditional geared traction lifts, thanks to the use of:
  • Gearless machine with three-phase synchronous motor with permanent magnets
  • LED lighting with standby function, which reduces energy consumption by 75% compared to fluorescent lights and allows a duration up to 10 times longer
  • Competitive price for the range of MRL traction lifts
  • Reduced maintenance costs, made possible in particular by the possibility of extending the warranty to 10 years, which certifies reliability and quality of our lifts
  • Spare parts easily available. Green Lift® Traction is not programmed to age. Technical information, spare parts, technical tools necessary for its maintenance and programming are available directly from the manufacturer at the right price
  • Safety thanks to:
    • Automatic emergency maneuver: automatic return device to the nearest floor with door opening in case of power failure (black-out) with UPS support
    • Manual emergency electric operation
    • Fire resistant doors tested according to EN 81-58, class E120 – EI 30 – EI 60 – EI 90 – EI 120 – E60, as an option
  • High ride comfort, gradual and imperceptible accelerations and decelerations, floor leveling precision thanks to the VVVF with encoder control
  • Cabin design and attractiveness: wide range of colours and materials available for cabin and door finishes, to best integrate the lift in the architectural context of the building

Contact GMV: you will discover GMV10 warranty extension and a really competitive price.

Drive Traction
Machine Gearless with three-phase synchronous motor with permanent magnets
Description GLT Omega Extra Slim compliant with EN 81-20 GLT Omega Slim compliant with EN 81-20 GLT Omega Slim compliant with EN 81-20 and EN 81-21
Counterweight slabs totally in steel Counterweight slabs in steel / steel + cement / cement
MRL traction lift with machine on top fixed to the guides in 2: 1 solution
Traction pulley 120 mm
Polyurethane-covered ropes
Rated load from 350 ÷ 1000 kg
Machine room Unnecessary
Rated load (kg) 350 450 480 525 630 900 1000
Capacity (passengers) 4 6 7 8 12 13
Speed (m/s) 1,00
Maximum number of stops / services 15 / 30
Number / entrance types 1 – 2 opposite (with ring car frame) – 2 adjacent (with rucksack car frame)
Max. cabin travel (m) 45
Minimum headroom (mm) Standard 3400
Reduced 2500
Minimum pit (mm) Standard 1000
Reduced 600
Shaft type Reinforced concrete / Brickwork / Metal structure
// code in Secondary language