Thanks to constant investments in research and development, GMV has managed to optimize the hydraulic lift up to 6 stops with the Green Lift Fluitronic® GMV lift.

With a range of loads from 320 kg to 1,000 kg, up to 6 stops GLF is the best answer as product economy, simplicity and economy of management over the whole Economic Life Cycle of the lift, in alternative to the traditional MRL traction lift.

The GMV Fluitronic Technology has eliminated all the defects attributed to the old hydraulic lifts.

It has reduced installed power by up to 20% and consumption by 50% compared to old lifts.

The innovations that have made it possible to achieve these improvements are new “DRY motors“, more efficient because they are not subject to the viscous friction of the fluid, 3100 EL2 electronic valve or ETC system that optimizes travel times in high speed by maintaining constant leveling spaces regardless of the change in fluid temperature.

Green Lift Fluitronic® already in standard configuration is anti-seismic (level 1 EN 81.77).

Green Lift Fluitronic® maintains great constructive simplicity and this is important for having a longer product Economic Life Cycle and lower maintenance costs: with Green Lift Fluitronic® machine maintenance is done with feet on the ground not at the top of the shaft. The heart of the lift is always at your fingertips. This allows simplicity, functionality, therefore, less management costs.

Today Green Lift Fluitronic® has more respect for the environment, using biodegradable fluid instead of mineral oil.

Green Lift Fluitronic® is equipped with the new GMV Variable Cabin, which tailor-made fits to all existing and new shafts, with the widest range of finishes.

Green Lift Fluitronic® high quality allows GMV to offer a 10-year warranty extension on the product.

Learn more about all the variants of Green Lift Fluitronic® GMV:

  • Version with NRGS power unit, which allows the use of a 6 kW meter for lifts up to 450 kg load
  • Version with reduced pit and/or headroom, in compliance with EN 81.21
  • GLF SLIM version, THE ALTERNATIVE LIFT TO THE HOME LIFT FOR CONDOMINIUMS, with technical spaces comparable to those of a Home Lift (17 cm pit only), speed up to 0.62 m/s, in a configuration in compliance with the standard EN 81.21. Available with single-phase or three-phase power supply

In the United States lift market, probably the most advanced in the world, the hydraulic technological solution of which Green Lift Fluitronic® is evolution, still is 80% of the market.

GMV: just the technology the lift companies want!

Description With very compact cabinet (W 440 x D 300 x H 2000 mm), containing control panel and dry power unit, designed to be positioned next to a landing door, or near the shaft.


Drive Indirect hydraulic 2:1 with side acting piston
Rated load (kg) 320 350 450 630 900
Capacity (passengers) 4 6 8 12
Speed (m/s) Upward travel from 0,4 to 0,86
Downward travel from 0,4 to 1
Maximum number of stops / services 12 / 24
Number / entrance types 1 – 2 opposite – 2 adjacent – 3
Max. cabin travel (m) 19 up to 630 kg – 16 beyond 630 kg
Possibility of reduced pit/headroom Yes
Minimum headroom (mm) Standard 3300
Reduced 2750 for load up to 630 kg – 2800 for load beyond 630 kg
Reduced special 2500
Minimum pit (mm) 1000 for load up to 630 kg – 1100 for load beyond 630 kg
450 for load up to 630 kg – 500 for load beyond 630 kg
Shaft type Reinforced concrete / Brickwork  / Metal structure


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Green Lift Fluitronic GLC-MRL

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