Different Green Lift Versions

GLF with rated load 450 kg and electricity meter of 6 kW

Thanks to the new Power Unit Fluitronic GL DRY 3010 NGRS (Energy Saving) 1”1/4, equipped with a 5 kW dry engine and solid but lightly-built cars/car frames, it is possible – for lifts with a rated load up to 450 kg and an average speed of 0,5 m/s – to use a maximal installed power of 6 kW (Enel electricity meter), just like electric traction lifts at equal load.

At equal load, the NRGS power unit requires an installed power of less than 4 ÷ 9 kW, compared to traditional power units, which represents an annual saving up to 286 €, just for the smallest value of the installed power.


In addition, there is a saving up to 20 % for less power consumption, thanks to the use of the ETC system (Electronic Temperature Control), which optimizes the speed curves of leveling to floor resulting in a reduction of the fly time and consequently the fewer insertion of the engine. Moreover, it allows to eliminate the use of heat resistors for the valve and the oil, resulting in a further energy saving. At the same time, this mechanism helps to dissolve the passenger congestion in the same way traditional hydraulic systems do, i.e. with an average speed of 0,8 m/s.

The ETC system complies with the Standard EN 81.20 as to stopping the car at floor level and obtaining a leveling accuracy of ± 10 mm.


GLF 81.21, with pit of 450 mm and a speed of 0,30 m/s


It will be the best solution to be located in the staircase of existing buildings with up to 6/7 stops.

Lift features

  • Reduced pit of 450 mm, thanks to a small-sized car frame
  • Piston in front position
  • Rated load up to 400 kg
  • Speed 0.30 m/s
  • Swing landing doors
  • Folding car doors
  • Power unit with single-phase engine of 2,6 kW which allows an electricity meter of 3 kW


The electricity meter of 3 kW avoids installing three-phase wires in old buildings, which is often very complicated.

This lift is ideal for the installation in a building (normally in the staircase), where no lift had been installed before and where today usually Home Lifts are used (although they have the problem of being too slow).


GLF with a limited load


An excellent solution for having a large car, yet a reduced installed power, in cases when light weight – but large-sized – goods (maybe just occasionally) are to be transported, i.e. stretchers or coffins.

Features and advantages of the product

This solution has a load limit (for example a limited rated load of 450 – 630 kg), but a car size which usually is used in systems with higher rated load (for example 1,000 kg).

  • The entire mechanical part is designed and produced complying with the safety standards, equal to a system with higher load capacity.
  • It is possible to install and to pay for a reduced electricity meter instead of the bigger one needed for a lift with higher load.
  • In case of a load superior to the rated load, the lift is prevented from start-up, thanks to a load limit.