Controller and Pushbutton Panels


The Neo10 controller is part of GMV’s continuous progress in producing and assembling lift systems completely in-house, aiming to offer highest quality lift systems and to extend the GMV10 warranty to the whole lines of lift systems.

The Neos10 controller, packed with technology and modularity, is already available for Green Lift Fluitronic and Home Lifty systems and will soon be available for electric systems of latest generation as well.

The Neos10 electric system is a modern controller which integrates a new, improved software and a system of modular boards, which allow unparalleled flexibility.

Besides actually being part of all hydraulic systems and used for the partial refurbishment “Neovision”, the Neos10 controller has been assembled to be placed inside the machine room, or inside the lift shaft of machine-room-less systems, or also in cabinets, which may be fixed next to the landing doors or wall-embedded.

The controller Neos10 already complies with the European Standards EN 81.20/50.