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The amendment A3 to the standards EN 81-2, entered into force on 01/01/2012 , is now integrated into the standard EN 81.20. It stipulates that new lift systems must be equipped with safety devices to prevent uncontrolled car movements with open doors.

The compliance with this standard has found concrete application with the introduction of the redundant safety device in the hydraulic valve blocks.

This regulation applies to existing lift systems as well through the standard EN 81.80, which was first published in 2003, classifying as “high” the risk of uncontrolled movements of the car with open doors.

Since this topic is always a current issue, the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) updated this issue in June 2016 with a new version of the standard EN.81.80 (pr EN 81-80:2016), which contains the particulars of the recent standard EN 81.20.

The standard EN 81.80 may be a guideline for:

  • Lift owners wanting to comply with their legal responsibilities, as required by standards in force
  • Maintenance companies and/or inspection bodies in order to inform lift owners about the safety level of their lift systems

GMV considers its duty to inform customers in this respect and to sensitize all interested parties. For this reason, GMV has organized and plans to organize in the future, training units on this topic for lift operators, verifiers of notified bodies and building managers.

GMV provides suitable products to meet this demand at low costs.

Moreover, GMV disposes of a product line to allow an increased maintenance efficiency. Using the Fluitronic Line power units and pistons combined with the new ETC System for an electronic valve control and the electronic  NGV valve for high traffic, it is possible to save up to 20 % on the installed power and up to 20 % on the power consumption.

In order to obtain an even more ecological lift system, we provide an ecological, biodegradable fluid, which protects the lift owner from penal consequences in case of accidental spilling.

In this respect, we highly recommend lift companies to inform lift owners and the notified bodies who carry out the inspection.

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