The range of NGV-EK power units as part of the current fleet of hydraulic elevators equipped with mechanical valves, is upgraded by the power units equipped with the electronic valve NGV-EK, a result of advanced technology.

Lift systems of apartment buildings are refurbished within a few hours, improving the efficiency and travel comfort without replacing the controller.


  • Easy and quick refurbishment of existing lifts, without further costs of substitution/modification of the controllers
  • Providing a significant refurbishment of the elevator within the shortest time
  • Reduction of the maintenance and service costs
  • GMV warranty
  • Possibility to regulate the inspection speed, improving safety conditions during the maintenance works


  • Improved travel comfort during the start-up, running and stop phases
  • Improved accuracy of leveling to floor by using the NGV EK valves control blocks
  • Increased SPH (number of travels per hour)
  • Integration of a redundant security system according to EN 81.2-A3
  • Reduction of the power consumption of the lift up to 20 % (depends on the installation) thanks to the DRY engines, leading to reduced costs of contractual installed power and electricity.

Important: the replacement of a power unit complying with Directive 95/16/CE – 81.2, with the new NGV-EK power unit, does not require modifications of the control cabinet, and no further adaptation to the EN 81.2-A3.

In case of significant modifications during the installation that require an adapting to the standard EN 81.2-A3, GMV may provide a range of products in conformity with the amendment A3.

The range of NGV-EK Power Units includes following types: