GMV and innovation

GMV is a leading company in the field of elevator systems, well known by all lift companies and installers worldwide. With more than 800,000 lift systems equipped with GMV technology worldwide, GMV has been a real pioneer of the market in terms of innovation, introducing, first in Italy, then in Europe and in the world, the hydraulic lift system as an economical and technical alternative to the then prevailing electric lift system.

Thanks to this innovation, GMV established its role as a producer of components and complete hydraulic elevators, investing in its development and finally obtaining 100 % green solutions, i.e. products with low energy consumption and an excellent operational performance in total safety.

For installation companies, there are two lines available:

The Green Lift® Fluitronic elevators have always been the best choice for typical residential buildings up to 6 stops, being 20 % more convenient than any other solution for the same performance. GMV was able to eliminate the well known problems concerning hydraulic lift systems by introducing the power unit with a DRY motor, which increases energy efficiency by reducing  power losses of the lift system and, at the same time, requires a smaller quantity of fluid. The Green Lift® Fluitronic features also the ETC system applied to the mechanical Valve 3010, the sophisticated electronic NGV valve, ideal for high traffic lift systems, and the ECOLOGIC FLUID as an alternative to the traditional mineral oil.

The mechanical Green Lift® is characterized by simplicity, an easy installation and the regulation by 3-phase asynchronous motors without permanent magnets, this being an excellent mechanical solution for elevators with more than 6 stops. The system is also available in the version Machine Room Cabinet (MRC), in order to guarantee maximal safety to installers, service technicians and users, and to enable easy and cost-effective maintenance work, increasing the economic efficiency of the lift.

GMV has developed ad hoc-versions of the Green Lift® Fluitronic, in order to respond to specific needs, for example the GLF anti-seismic lift (complying with the standard EN 81.77). This specific lift was designed and produced taking into account the seismic degree of the area where the lift will be installed. There is a GLF with either a reduced pit and/or overhead (complying with the norm 81.21), or the pit of 200 mm and a speed of 0,30 – 0,40 m/s (this solution is recommended for lifts to be installed in the staircase), or a GLF with a limited load of 450 kg and a 6 kW power meter.

GMV, we innovate and grow with you.

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