Power Unit Type T3


This power unit is designed to guarantee the best travel comfort for the passengers of hydraulic lifts. GMV offers a wide range of motor power, pump flow and tank dimension combinations, to suite all hydraulic lift applications.
EN 3010 valve controls the different travel phases, nominal speed, acceleration and deceleration to guarantee constant working throughout pressure and temperature changes.
With big installations our power unit is supplied as a double power unit with two pump-motor groups and two valve blocks. If big oil quantities are needed, special tanks with bigger dimensions can be produced.
Every single unit is tested on a real installation, thus assuring a perfectly working power unit.
Every valve block is subject to pre-setting on the parameters similar to those of its final use, thus reducing the setting operations and cost on site.

Standard components:
 - Tank 
 - Submersed motor with built in 110 C thermal protection 
 - Volumetric pump with filter 
 - Pulsation damper 
 - 3010 EN valve block 
 - Shut off valve pipe fitting and filter 
 - Oil level dipstick 
 - Motor terminal connection board with plastic cover.